Custom Invitations

Wedding Invites

Need something for that special day? Have something in mind, but can’t quiet find the right card? At FASTdigital, we can custom design and or print your wedding or party invitations, RSVP cards, gift registry cards, thank you cards and much, much more.

Vinyl Application

We’ve applied some vinyl lettering applications for Rydges Capital Hill Health Club. The lettering was made out of white vinyl, applied onto red acrylic signboard and used to inform guests the hotels rules for using the facilities as well as serving as a means of direction to certain areas. It is preferred that the application is an overnight process, as it allows time for the vinyl to dry onto the board after applying the vinyl lube for maximised vinyl adhesion. Once applied, depending on how well kept the signs are, the vinyl life expectancy should last for 7-10 years.

Dynamic Motivation Decals

Dynamic Motivation is a small boutique in Kambah which has been operating for years. They’ve custom painted their walls to match their logo and theme. We’ve printed and applied the text strip across the top of the walls which is constructed out of multiple tiled sections. We also printed the large logo, as 2 vertically tiled pieces.

Dynamic Motivation Wall Decals

You can visit their website at:

Cafe Signboards

Cafe Annapurna Signboard
Cafe Annapurna Signboard

We’ve recently have done some work Café Annapurna which is a newly established café down in the Belconnen markets. They called upon us to help them fix up some signboards to publically display their business name. One on the roof and the other on the front entrance.

The one of the roof is actually made up of two parts as the sign itself was originally too large for us to print. But by doing it in two parts, also made the job much easier in terms of installing. Prior before installing, we removed the previous signboard to make way for the replacement and used it as a template to pre-drill the holes, and finally, prepared the ladder as we ascended towards the signboard frame armed with only a couple of nails and a power drill.

For the front entrance, a single signboard was more than enough to fulfil the requirements of what it needed to display. The process of installation was similar to the roof signboard only much simpler in comparison, as it was a lot smaller in size and not as high up.