Introducing New Media - Lightweight textile fabric

Shower curtains, cushion covers, table clothes, posters and so much more.

Introducing the lightweight textile fabric media.

This fabric allows us to custom print designs for people who have very speficied creative tastes. This fabiric is suitable to produce things like shower curtains, cushion covers, lightboxes, table clothes, posters and anything similar to what has already been mentioned. The fabric is washable, and can be ironed on low heat. 

Great for people who are also traveling to a conference who don't have space to carry tubes with large posters. The fabric can be folded to a size that is compact and transported with ease.

digital textile print pilow coverTextile Pillow Cover Example
Textile Shower CurtainTextile Shower Curtain Example
Textile Poster exampleTextile Poster Example

Keeping up to Date

UNHCFR Calender

This week we have also done some calender work for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The calenders were designed to be self standing at A5, with the standing base to be made on a thicker card stock, folded and scored to create a triangular base, to be then stuck together via ring binding which also includes the interior pages that has the dates, months, etc. The end result is a high quality, personal portable calender that can be distributed, is sturdy and can be mass produced. The imagery inside the calender are hand drawn images drawn by children sharing their past and current experiences of being a refugee.

Although this is just one of our current exmaples of many different ranges of calender design. Every job/client has a different design solution, and here at FASTdigital, we're prepared to give you the best solution for your design/printing needs. 

Don't Menu-tion it!

This week at FASTdigital, we did some work for "Cafe Injoy", a cafe which has recently opened; Designing their menus while following the theme of a 'down to earth, casual meeting place for a cup of coffee'. We used the cafe's main key visuals as the background so things remained consistant, but made them more abstract and interesting by zooming in on certain elements of the visuals.

The menu's were designed at A3 size, and then to be laminated to give it that extra aesthetic appeal with that extra glossy touch and making the menus reusable at the same time.


Siren Bar is a long time returning client of ours, and in the past, we've printed multiple forms of collateral. This week we were asked to print out their classic signiture cocktail menus at the A5 folded to A6 size, with a celloglazing finish, making the menus more likely to be reusable by increasing it's durability and cleanable with a light wipe with a wet cloth if need be. 

Here at FASTdigital, we are always coming up with new ways to improve sustainability and reusability on your every day printable needs at an affordable price.


Vehicle Wrap Training

Car wrapping toolsTools of the trade

Here at FASTdigital, for many years we've been doing vehicle signage. Signs such as one way vision on rear windows, contour cut vinyl lettering and logos, digital print flat panel white and clear signage.

We have been doing work on fleet, personal and one off corporate vehicles.

And now we're trying to take our abilities to the next level with flat coloured and digital print, full and partial vehicle wraps. Having had experience with roofs, bonnets and side panels, we now took the step to get training in the more complex areas of vehicle wraps.

We have now completed the 3M Commercial Graphics 1080 Series Wrap Film Installer training.

The reason why a fender wrap is chosen for course assessment is because it is generally known to be the more difficult panel to wrap on a vehicle, with complex curves, edges and contours. There are a lot trimming in edges to get perfect on these panels.

Below are some images of our vehicle wrap training course, as well as our course accreditation wrap of a single fender each on a vehicle of our choice.

Car wrap Trimmings1. Trimming the edges
Car wrapping bonnet2. Bonnet wrapping
car wrapping colour contrast3. Note the filler cap

1. Notice the contrasting colours of the film and vehicle.
2. Wrapping underneath the bonnet is unnessicary, as it's not an area that would be noticed, and is not something that would normally be done.
3. When Selecting your colours, pick a colour that works well with the colour of your vehicle

Car wrapping front fender
4. Other vehicles
car wrapping large curved surfaces
5. Wrapping techniques
trimming complex curves
6. Trimming complex curves

4. Practicing fender wraps on different vehicles
5. Stripping the vehicle (removing headlights, indicators, emblems) makes the wrapping process easier, as there are fewer things to work around
6. More examples of trimming around the curved edges

We are now looking for more opportunities to put these new skills into action.
Our aim is to practice and improve our abilities to offer these services to all our clients.